Lobal Marketing-Strategy and Practice ( Chilis )

Admins: First of all the customer needs you to write 1000 words of assessment (not a draft, just a beginning of the paper) the customer will check if you are on the right way, give you feedback and you proceed with the rest of the paper afterwards.
for the first draft you can use this structure:

hello my friend this what my tutor told me

1. Interdiction (chilias and UK bar & grill market)

2. UK market entry (type of entry and organisational structure with justification ).

3. Marketing mix (what marketing max to use and how it would create a completive adage).

4. Logistics (what intermediaries there and products /raw material are going to go through them and how it should work best )

Remember to use frameworks and models of supplant each decision models for the plan.

please look at tht question carefully and assignment 1 also I have uploaded new powerpoint

PLEASE when you finish 2000 words send it to me because ill send it to my tutor

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Assessment Criteria (Insert detail)

A good quality assignment will:
a? Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical issues involved including the use of models or concepts to illustrate your answer.

a? Include evidence of appropriate application of international marketing concepts

a? Justify why the selection criteria both macro and micro are relevant to the chosen product/company in the elimination of potential markets

a? Provide reference to literature searches with all readings fully listed

a? Demonstrate an awareness of the principal issues surrounding the topic area.

a? Underpin recommendations with suitable and current statistics.

Referencing Requirements:
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