Lobal Marketing Strategy and Practice

Selection of an organisation or product that you are familiar with.
Market research report in to the potential for the chosen organisation or product to develop in to a specific international market. To provide some detail analysis of the international market(chosen country) and a brief report indicating the strategic positioning that you would anticipate the organisation to aim for once it has entered the market.

The report should include the following areas
1. A brief background to the chosen organisation or product
2. Some detail of how you selected the chosen international market and why others were eliminated( 3 countries could be chosen and then to narrow down to one country)
3. Market research and other background information on the chosen market
4. A detailed competitive analysis of the international market
5. An evaluation of the strategic options available to the organisation or product in the international market
You should use recognised strategic international marketing models or frameworks as far as possible to present your information.
Detailing the suggested strategic position in the international market that you would anticipate the organisation or product would aim for. In this report you should strategic marketing frameworks and models to illustrate your answer but you will also need to include some narrative to describe and expand the information contained in the models or frameworks used.

a? To Demonstrate theoretical issues involved including the use of models or concepts to illustrate your answer.
a? To Include evidence of appropriate application of international marketing concepts
a? Justify why the selection criteria both macro and micro are relevant to the chosen product/company in the elimination of potential markets
a? To provide reference to literature searches with all readings fully listed
a? principal issues surrounding the topic area.
a? Underpin recommendations with suitable and current statistics.