Lobal Movement Argumentative Essay International Committee of the Red Cross”

In the second part of this course, we have examined various global movements for social and political change including the creation of UN, womenas liberation, grassroots development, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the Free Tibet movement. In this essay, you will argue for support of a particular non-profit, NGO organization that supports a global movement. Your role in the essay is that of a non-affiliated scholar, not an employee of that organization .
Questions: What organization has most effectively supported positive change for a global issue that interests you?
Directions: In your essay, provide an argumentative thesis with specific examples to support your opinion. Make sure to provide analysis of your examples.
Paper requirements:
1. Please type a 5 Paragraph Essay
2. Use a font similar to Times New Roman, 12 PNT, Double-spaced, with normal 1a? margins
3. Include an Introduction and thesis statement(argument)
4. Include a quote of paraphrase(with citations)
5. Write a conclusion that explains the importance of your claim
6. Include a complete bibliography

Parts of the paper:
First paragraph: Question background +an argumentative thesis statement
Second Paragraph: Logos Argument +First example +Analysis
Third Paragraph: Ethos Argument +Second Example+ Analysis
Fourth Paragraph: Pathos Argument+ Third example +Analysis
Conclusion: Write your position again using different words and phrases. Synthesize the reasons you choose your argument. Finally, leave your reader with a final (interesting) line expanding or reasserting your argument. Your conclusion should be more than four lines