Lobal outsourcing of information technology: economic and strategic issues


In your research paper, you will identify the benefits, challenges and issues related to the global outsourcing of information technology. Many U.S. companies are outsourcing information systems/technology functions to other countries. There is an ongoing debate between those that support the outsourcing trend and those that think it is detrimental to the U.S. economy.

Compare and contrast the outsourcing potential and strategies in the U.S. and in India (or some other country). Please provide examples of organizations involved in Information Technology outsourcing. In addition to the use of secondary sources, you must try to interview a professional involved in outsourcing or contact an organization involved in outsourcing or its legislation. Suggestions are: companies that outsource IT, the U.S. Department of Labor, etc.

In your conclusion, summarize the specific benefits or challenges of outsourcing. You can decide to focus on the advantages, or the disadvantages or both advantages and disadvantages.


Attach the following checklist and mark all completed items. If you do not comply with all items in the list your paper will be returned without a grade.
Your paper must be single-spaced. No specific font size or page margins are required, but remember, your paper should look professional.
The minimum length for your paper is 2 pages.
The last page of your report should be the references list.
Your paper must include at least 6 sources.
All references must be clearly cited or quoted in the body of your paper preferably using MLA style. Do not just list the references at the end of your paper, you MUST specifically use the references in the body of your discussion.
Sources must come from authoritative sources like journals, practitioner publications, and/or books only. You can also use the online databases at the library website.
If you need to include sources from other websites, these must appear to be authoritative sources, otherwise they will not count for credit. If in doubt, you can get instructor s approval prior to using a website as a reference.
For any source obtained online (from a website or from the library website) include the full address as a hyperlink. Test the hyperlink to make sure it will take you to the website. See example below:
Perez-Hardy, S. 2003. The use of network simulation to enhance network curriculum. In Proceedings of the 4th Conference on information Technology Curriculum (Lafayette, Indiana, USA, October 16 18, 2003). CITC4 03. ACM Press, New York, NY, 93-95.


This article explains how the lab-based approach to teaching networking has many advantages when it comes to student learning, but also brings with it a number of unique problems.

Your paper is expected to be prepared in a professional manner. Check your paper for correct spelling and grammar.
You must try to interview (or contact by e-mail) a professional involved in outsourcing. Try to obtain his/her perspective on the topic of this paper. Clearly document your attempt(s) to obtain primary source information. Of course, if the contacted person does not reply or collaborate, it is not your fault; you will get credit for this requirement as long as you have attempted