Lobal Outsourcing Strategies: Current Issues and Trends

1- The Nature of Outsourcing
A. Overview on the Outsourcing Concept.
B. Outsourcing Drives and Potential Benefits.
C. The Risks Associated with Outsourcing.
D. The Evolution of Outsourcing.
2- The Outsourcing Process
A. The Stages of Outsourcing, Evaluation and Management.
B. Practical Problems with the Outsourcing Process.
3- Global IT Sourcing: Analysis, Development and Best Practices Considerations.

Term Paper Format:

1. Title Page: Term Paper Topic/Student Name/Course/Semester/Year
2. Page one Abstract (150 words)
3. Introduction (2 pages)
4. Theory & Literature Review (2-3 pages)
5. Current Issues & Analysis (discuss issues relevant to your topic; sub-headings/sub-titles recommended; 3-5 pages)
6. Your Topics Implications for IB Managers/global strategies (1-2 pages)
7. Conclusion (1 page)
8. References (preferably from academic journals & periodicals; APA format required); minimum: 12 from academic journals.
9. Tables/Charts/Figures (determined by topics)