Lobal Political Economy with reference to the United Kingdom and United States.

Master in Political

Research proposal should be no longer than 1,000-1,250 words (3-4 pages) and contain the following information:

” Proposed programme of study
” Tentative title of thesis

You should also include:

” Aims and objectives set out the central aims and research questions that guide your research. What hypothesis or argument are you trying to explore and what questions are you trying to answer? When outlining your questions try to prioritise one or two central questions from which you can derive secondary ones.

” Rationale contextualise your questions/aims in a broader field of study, identifying the main literature that you are addressing. In other words, you need to explain why your research questions/hypotheses are important and topical.

” Methodology explain how you are going to conduct your research; what information you would need, how you would collect it and how you are going to analyse it. This need only be indicative at the moment. [For History students: what primary sources have you identified related to this topic? What archives and libraries do you anticipate will be necessary to explore in the course of your research?]

” Bibliography  a short bibliography of relevant works in your research area.