Lobal Politics and Can Democracy Be Promoted and Should it Be

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In global politics, a number of actors have focused their activities on facilitating the rise and functioning of democracy in developing countries. For example, private NGOs and foundations offer funding for civil society groups; economic development organizations like the World Bank support economic growth; some international actors condition aid on the protection of civil rights; the US State Department invests in the development of media and communications infrastructure; diplomats from international organizations like the UN often play a role in negotiations following internal domestic conflicts.
Write an 8 page paper responding to the following prompt:
Can democracy be a?promoteda? by outside actors? Should it be? What policies would you recommend?
Examples of the kinds of questions you might consider include but are not limited to:
. (1) What does a?democracya? mean, and what kinds of institutions would be needed to promote it?
. (2) How do countries democratize, and can international actors influence this process?
. (3) If so, is it desirable for international actors to promote democracy?