Lobal Pollution in air, soil, and water.

Teachers Directions:As I mentioned before, the intent of this final research is to write an argumentative research paper, so avoid simply writing an exploratory paper where you regurgitate/write about what you have discovered on the topic. The way to write an argumentative paper is, first of all, to present your argumentative thesis statement. That is to say, you have your own point of view on the topic, come up with a line of argument, which you may reasonably anticipate some people out there may disagree with you so that you can reason, argue, and prove your position and refute the other side of the opinion by drawing on evidence and examples from solid relevant sources. your research proposal propose the topic for the research paper, and now you need to write a research paper based on the thesis and outlining of the topic.I already have my thesis statement which is this, so please use this but if needed you can change it around:Pollution around the world has deteriorated the quality of our planets air, soil, and water and if preventive steps are not taken we may find our planet inhabitableSo basically its an argumentative research paper and Im guessing thats the same thing as a research proposal and if not can you PLEASE just follow the directions!!! Also I need quotes with proper citing and all that. Also this needs a cover page! and nooooooo PLAGIARISM..thanks soooo much!! Youre saving my life.