Lobal Project Management (Cross-functional teams in new product development projects)

To what extent and how does adequate functional diversity and effective communication drive/improve the success/performance of cross-functional teams in new product development projects? What is the role of project management in enhancing these critical success factors in cross-functional teams in new product development projects? (i.e. how can effective project management ensure this): A case study of UK MNEas
Sub question of second question: What role does project management play in improving communication as a way of enhancing effectiveness of cross functional teams?


1) Introduction

2) Rationale for the research
Make sure that you talk about two different types of rationale. One of them is how the research will contribute to the practice/or effectiveness of companies i.e. how it will contribute to the industry/management in the practical world. The other one is importance of research for the development of the literature. There is defiantly not sufficient research about NPD teams thus can do research to find such statements.

Can be more specific on how you will contribute by saying that I am looking at the importance of communication and functional diversity in teams and I am also integrating project management perspective into this research which is always lacking in product development research.

3) The objectives and scope of the research
4) Theory and conceptualisation

Need to identify some good authors who talk about this some theoretical view points e.g. it many be resource based view or resource dependency theory. Social network or resource dependency can be fine.

5) Research design and research methods

Research may probably have to be qualitative in nature. So can state this and may do some kind of telephone interviews or face to face interviews from the UK as it might be easier. You donat need to interview a lot of companies (if u use a case study approach and take eisendhardt approach who stays that you can employ a minimum of 3 case studies) can look at Yins book for case studies.

6) The expected outcomes

Can talk about the fact that you have some kind of are expecting to find out some important factors which would show how product management would improve the effectiveness of such projects and may also find out what kind of communication and functional diversity and what extent these issues can improve the performance of NPD (i.e. say would find out some good performance specific indicators which will help to understand how to improve these projects can give example from the literature)

7) References


8) Introduction
9) Rationale for the research
10) The objectives and scope of the research
11) Theory and conceptualisation
12) Research design and research methods
13) The expected outcomes
14) References

NB: Proper referencing of your work and originality will be rewarded. Also note that plagiarism is a serious offence.

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Cohen_Bailey_97.pdf -Important article


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