Lobal Recruiting of High-Tech employees

Because too few U.S. students graduate in science, math, technology, and engineering, high-tech employers are dependent on foreign born students for employees. Many employers have run into a limit on available visas for these high-skilled workers. In a recent year the high-skill visa allotment was snapped up before August. An employer hoping to hire a Chinese or Indian-born worker currently has to wait 5 years before the application will even get attention. Employers argue the shortage is affecting their competitiveness because other countries are streamlining their immigration systems to recruit these high talent employees.


1.Why do you think that there are not enough U.S.-born students in science, math, technology, and engineering? What can the U.S. do to get more students to major in these areas?
2.If a high-tech employer cannot hire the needed high-talent employees it needs to work in the U.S., what are some options the employer might consider?
3.Do you think this situation will get worse or better in the next ten years? Explain your decision.