Lobal social movements: comparative study of structure and organization of Pro life and pro choice

Research Proposal (3-5 pages): Comparison between the infrastructure of Prolife and pro choice

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The principal assignment for the course is a research paper (14-16 pages) analyzing some aspect of a social movement. The research proposal should describe the movement you will study and explain how and why you wish to study it.

The proposal is due in class on February 13. You must attend class and briefly summarize your proposal so that all may know which topic you will research. You must also post an electronic copy of the proposal on Blackboard. You are responsible for reading them all.

Select a timeframe for study that begins after World War II. Your movement may be limited to one country or be transnational in scope.

The proposal must demonstrate that there is adequate secondary source material to write a paper on this topic.

The research proposal should be 3-5 double-spaced pages. Use the following structure for your proposal:

1. Description of social movement:

Identify a social movement that you will study. Briefly describe its history. What is its scope (local, regional, national, international, global)? What issues does this movement address? Who are its main constituents and supporters? What tactics have been used in this movement? Why do you think this movement is important to study? Which concepts from class are useful in understanding this movement?

2. Time frame for analysis:

Identify the years that you propose to study the movement and/or social movement organization you have chosen. Explain why you have chosen this time frame. What was happening with this movement during these years to make it worthy of study?

3. Social movement organization(s):

Identify at least one social movement organization (SMO) that is prominent in the movement you have chosen. Briefly describe how it is organized, who its members are, its finances and resources, and its tactics. Why is this SMO(s) important to study?

(over) 4. Research strategy:

Briefly describe how you propose to research your topic. If you plan to use secondary source material (books and articles), identify the sources you will use and what you expect to find there. If you plan to use newspaper reports, identify the newspapers, dates of coverage that you will examine, and what you expect to learn from these accounts. If you expect to use websites related to your movement or sponsored by a movement organization, identify what information you will gather from these. Be specific.

5. Bibliography:

Provide a complete bibliographic citation for at least three (and no more than ten) primary or secondary sources related to your topic. At least one of the citations must be for a book and one for a journal article (or chapter in an edited volume). The other item(s) may include newspapers, websites, newsletters, documentary films, or other sources.