Lobal Sourcing Critically analyse Globshops management of outsourcing and the future challenges. Will they be successful? Why or why not?

I will upload the case study that needs to be read in order to do the essay. I will also upload a document with the instructions and some answers to the tutorial questions that might help you. I will also upload the relevant lecture slides.

Added on 23.04.2015 16:39
I have uploaded four files. The case study in pdf format is the case study that needs to be read in order to answer the question. The lecture slides might help you and might be useful for you. The global software includes the introduction and a list of references/bibliography and websites that will be useful for you and help you to use while doing the essay. The global case study points are notes that I took in class of the answers to those questions in the previous file. Do not forget that the essay title that needs to be answered is the one in BOLD. If you need anything else please let me know