Lobal Studies: Comparative Analysis between two of the following ( marxism, weberism, locke)

GS 201
Comparative Analysis
6 pages (single spaced)
Worth 25% of your final grade
Due: Beginning of class, October 20th

The following rubric is used to assign an overall grade for your essay. This rubric does not equate to a clear distribution of points; the essays will be graded holistically for an overall mark. However, you can use this rubric to assess where your essay generally may have gained or lost points.

Excellent Good Average Marginal Inadequate
Clear understanding and explanation of each theory
Robust comparison of theories
Critical Thinking/Analysis

Clear understanding and explanation of each theory
o How well did you explain/define the first theory?
o How well did you explain/define the second theory?
o Is there a clear understanding demonstrated of what each of these theories is, where it falls in the historical framework, and why it is relevant?
o Your summary component should be less than 3 pages
Robust comparison of theories
o Did you provide an accurate and insightful comparison of the theories?
o Did you accurately identify the points of similarity?
o Did you expand, deepen and problematize the comparison of these two theories?
Critical Thinking/Analysis
o Have you critically engaged with the different theoretical perspectives presented in your paper?
o What level of depth, insight & understanding is demonstrated in your paper?
o Did you draw effectively on examples from the texts and class?
o Is the essay sensibly and clearly organized? Does your paper have a clear outline/structure?
o Do your paragraphs have introductory sentences that elucidate the contents of each paragraph?
o Do the contents of each paragraph belong together?
o Are paragraphs arranged in a logical sequence?
o Can the reader follow your argument?
o Did you draw clear conclusions, and are these conclusions justified based upon the information that you present?
o Is the essay mostly free of grammatical and spelling errors?
o Are all sentences complete and well-constructed?
o Is your vocabulary appropriate to your intended meaning?
o How readable is your essay?
o Have you cited all material used?
o Are quotations used sparingly?
o Have you included a works cited/bibliography?
o Have you submitted your essay to the turnitin dropbox in mylearningspace?