Lobal studies-The global thought about shooting happened in south carolina on July 17,2015

1.I will upload the news and and the questions my teacher post latter. I want you to read it and write around these questions and dont write it in wrong direction.

2.Please! Please! Write this essay in Global wayto think it perspective. For example, You can write about this news and talk about racial tension, political tension, human rights, growing inequalities and increasing ethnic rivalries etc.

3.I want to get a clear thesis statement to be the last sentence for the introduction of this essay which mean the first paragraph. Then, to the body part of essay, I want topic sentences which connect to your thesis at every beginning of the paragraph of your body part.

4.You can change my title of this essay. I write it like that just want to tell you this is a global paper

5.Dont be too professional to write something really hard. Please write it easy and clear to read. Dont use something too deep!