Lobal supply chain analysis of P&G in the UK

Notes for Students:
Use a report format
You are advised to select an FMCG company and inform your tutor who will approve the same
Students to identify the sources of data from the databases provided by Leeds Beckett Library
All references should follow the Harvard format of Leeds Beckett University
All answers should be supported by appropriate theory and use a critical style
Maximum word count a 4500 words
Select a FMCG (Fast moving consumers goods) company operating in any country (If an MNC select a country for analysis) and answer the following questions in relation to the company.
1) Map the supply chain configuration of the company.
How can this configuration enhance its supply chain performance? [10 Marks]
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2) How does the company measure its performance against environmental or green standards?
Analyse the companyas environmental performance using a theoretical framework? [25 Marks]
3) Analyse the impact of counterfeit goods and how it can be overcome using improvements in the supply chain. [ 25 Marks ]
4) What role does forecasting play in the supply chain management of the business under study?
Explain using data for the business and apply a forecasting model to predict sales for next 3 years using last 10 years data.
What are the implications for future planning of its supply chain based on forecasting? [25 Marks]
5) Summarise the above four areas of business and how the changes can be built into the future strategy of the organisation. [ 15 Marks ]

above is the instruction students have been given. I have chosen to do P&G in the uk. But you can do other company if it is more easy for you. but if there is no difference please stick with P&G. in the Question no.4 please use line graph to predict sales for the next 3 years using last 10 years data.

I will send case study in my seminar if you want so that you can see what we have done in class so it can be guideline to do the work. please remember to use REPORT FORM.