Lobal Team Project (of one member only) (Brazil)

Global Team Project

Using the Elevator Pitch product idea your team will research 4 to 5 countries to determine which country offers the optimum choice for expanding product sales. Each team member will prepare a Country Strategic Report on one of the following countries: Brazil, China, Russia, Ireland and Israel. As a team one country will then be selected. A Summary Report will be prepared based on the individual reports detailing why each country was or was not selected for expansion.

Each Country Strategic Report prepared by a team member will include the following:

1) What barriers to entry exist in the country?

2) What is the best method for entry into the market?

3) Who are the customers? How are they similar or different from the U.S. customers?

4) What changes, if any, will need to be made to the product to meet the wants/needs of the new customers?

5) Who is the competition?

6) What are the cultural characteristics of the country? How are these similar or different from the U.S.?

7) How will the cultural characteristics impact the marketing of the product? What would be the appropriate marketing strategy for the product?

8) What is your final recommendation for this country? Explain.

The Summary Report prepared as a team will include the following:

1) Each Country Strategic Report with the name of the team member who prepared the report.

2) A table with the pros and cons of expanding into each country.

3) A final decision on which country to expand into and why this country was chosen.

You only need to do the Brazil one for one group member. And please list the pros and cons(for addition sentences).

Ill attach the script of my group product later.

Added on 20.04.2015 23:09
Heres the script for my group project. If theres any other question, feel free to ask.
Thank you.