Lobal tourism has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past fifty years.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for formative feedback on your writing an research skills. Your task is to present a concise and logical argument informed by both theory and practice. (3 pages of Body) academic essay and provide a short presentation for 5 minutes. I want the presentation separate in one page.

Essay Topic: Global tourism has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past fifty years. Briefly summarize what you believe are the major barriers and opportunities to further growth in the tourism industry in Nanaimo, Canada, BC.

Essay should include a title page, introduction, body (with sub-headings), conclusion, and list of references. Essay should integrate and correctly at least 4 credible sources (credible include academic journal articles, academic texts, and industry sources) please Avoid block quotes and minimize use of quotations. Use recent, relevant, and research focused sources, i.e. not some random WordPress blog from some cat lady in Campbell River talking about environment. Please submit all documents in hard copy format with 1 inch margins, 12 pt font, and double spaced. The Presentation Have to be coverage of all the aspect of the assignment, and Clarity of the Presentation and Points Made.