Lobal violence against women: through the internet, working in sweatshops, being denied protection in regards to basic human rights

This essay is for a Womens Studies class and requires the use of three articles: The Global Womens Human Rights Movementby Human Rights Watch, The Internet and the Global Prostitution Industryby Donna M. Hughes and The Globetrotting Sneakerby Cynthia Enloe. The essay needs to not only touch upon the issues of inequality of women globally, but also has to answer these questions:
1)How do many governments fail to prevent and even outright contribute to the continued denial of women to their basic human rights? Explain both the active and passive ways that governments have been documented working against women in this realm.
2)How and why does the Internet make women more vulnerable to sexual exploitation than they were before its existence? What features of the Internet make it most useful to pimps and other exploiters of women and children?
3)Why are the women–and not so much the men–in countries like South Korea especially vulnerable to multinational corporations like Nike and Reebok? What conditions and philosophies exist in patriarchal countries that make women particularly well-suited to the purposes of these companies? How have women begun to challenge these conditions?
This is my last essay for this class and it needs to be well written, intelligent, focused, well reasoned and passionate. Please do not stick to answering just the questions, touch upon other parts of the articles as well and put in thoughts, ideas and personal opinions. I am 100% in support of womens human rights and 100% believe in equality for everyone. I am a straight Astudent and my professor will expect/accept nothing less from me.