Lobal Warming Annotated Bibliography for Inquiry Essay

Submit an annotated bibliography about the issue you are investigating. In that bibliography, list several resources and annotate each with a paragraph that sums up the information you hope to get from the reading. You can also comment on any bias or limitation that may be relevant.

A second important dimension you may need to investigate is the legal background of the issue you are investigating. All significant public issues have been affected by key legal rulings. Some have resulted in dozens of Supreme Court cases in which an existing law was said to violate the rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court does not hear cases that have to do with matters of fact or evidence, but only those cases that challenge some existing law on the basis of its constitutionality. In other words, the Supreme Court defends its decisions totally on the basis of arguments that appeal to the warrants provided in the U.S. Constitution. As you will see in the next Session readings on arguments related to legal segregation, there are different ways the U.S. Constitution can be interpreted.

Conduct an internet search to identify the key legal cases for your Inquiry issue and include one or two critical cases in your annotated bibliography. A good place to start is the Findlaw website:


This site features a menu that allows you to find opinion summaries. Select one of the court decisions that relates to your Inquiry issue. Use the Findlaw case summaries to identify the key ruling. Review the original ruling and summarize the argument. Did the ruling base itself on an earlier ruling (precedent) or did it overrule or reinterpret either an earlier court ruling or find a specific law to be unconstitutional. Can you identify the key principles, the warrants on which the court based its ruling?

I will also attach additional info that instructor provided me with, that will help you with the assignement