Lobal Warming: Explanation with Biology

The following is the cut and paste instructions from my professor. The topic must be on the biological aspect of global warming. It must be written using scientific terms and concepts. Dont worry about the title page or extras like that:

Please cite all sources of information that are not your own thoughts within the paper. You may use any source(s) as your reference(s) that are scientifically reliable and at the college level. At least 1 source must be a recognized scientific source, original research in a peer reviewed journal, (not from a news paper or popular magazine, etc.). The scientific source is a peer reviewed article of original research, not a review or summary article of scientific research (although these may have the most understandable information and are highly recommended as other sources of information). The grade for a paper that does not include at least one citation from a peer reviewed scientific source will be reduced by 10 points. You MUST attach your scientific article to the hard copy of your paper.

I thoroughly read each paper and evaluate the paper using the following criteria: A. How well was the literature reviewed? B. How in depth is the information presented? C. How well is the information presented? D. How well does the paper flow? E. Is there any critical thinking or just a listing of facts? F. How much effort was put into the paper? This is a very subjective analysis with most initially assigned scores in the 70 to 90 range.

This term paper may be considered a review of the literature. The grade for a paper that does not cite the references within the paper will be reduced by at least 10 points. A significant portion of the paper may/will be paraphrasing of the information contained in the list of references. You must give credit to the authors of the information being paraphrased; see examples in the journals available in the library. Use of direct quotes is acceptable for extremely important points. However, excessive direct quotes, even if properly cited, may result in a low grade and/or have points deducted from the assigned score. A  cut & pasted paper will receive a grade of  0even if properly cited. A list of all cited references must be included with the paper. All citations identified within the text must have a complete citation included in the list of references. Incomplete citations in the list of references will result in a 5-10 point subtraction from the assigned score. Hard/Paper copy due on May 9 th prior to the start of lecture. Papers may be submitted to the front desk (registration desk) instead of directly to the lecture instructor as specified above, if so, the papers must be stamped and initialed by the front desk personnel with the date and time submitted. Papers submitted to the front desk without a date and time stamp will not be accepted. Papers may be submitted directly to the lecture instructor anytime prior to the due dates.
” Minimum, 4 complete pages of text, excluding title page and list of citations and any illustrations, diagrams, photos, graphs, etc. (illustrations, etc. are not required) (5 or more points will be deducted for papers with less than 4 full pages of text, see above)
” Minimum, 1 citation from a scientific source of peer reviewed original research (10 points will be deducted from how I evaluate the paper, i.e., a paper receiving 120 points would loose 10 points 110 points if an acceptable scientific citation is not included)
” Typed, double spaced with 12 pitch font and with margins not to exceed 1”. Do not bind or use report cover, just staple the pages together. Please have name and section # printed at the top of the first page.
” Cite all sources of information within the text, lack of citations within the text will have at least 10 points deducted from the assigned score. The complete reference for all citations in the text must be listed on the list of reference page. Use MLA format for citations in the list of references; citations must include: Author(s), publisher or journal title, date of publication, article title, volume #, issue #, page(s), web address, if obtained from the web, gateway if obtained from a subscription data base as a minimum, regardless of format used. The librarian has a handout on how to properly cite information. Papers with incomplete citations will have 5-10 points deducted after the instructor has evaluated the paper. Information collected from web sites may not have all these items, but include as much as possible I will determine if adequate information has been included.
” Papers that list citations with only web site address will have 10 points deducted after I have evaluated the paper. Papers that do not include a list of citations will have at least 10 points deducted after the paper has been evaluated.
” Demonstrate logical and critical thinking.
” If a topic is selected that is covered in class or in the text, the paper must be more detailed than what we covered in class or the text (the text is good general back ground info and not much else). Papers whose main sources of information are the text and encyclopedias generally receive poor grades.