Lobal warming, global change, and Earth s nature climate fluctuations

pretend that you are taking a Geology class Based on other misconceptions you ve discovered since then about global warming, global change, and Earth s nature climate fluctuations, please write a 3 page essay (typed, double-spaced in 10 or 12 pt font with 1 margins) briefly explaining two of your misconceptions. Include a brief explanation of what you thought was true when you started the course, the source of the misconception if you can identify it, and a more detailed scientific explanation of the correct idea or answer (you may include information on how the data are generated). This should be a clearly written explanation demonstrating some of the concepts you have learned in class. If you choose to add figures, they must be in addition to the minimum 3 pages. You can base your explanations based on what you learned in class. If however, you do further research on the web, please cite that information as you would for a more formal paper (including a bibliography page).

how my paper will Grade:
” Grammar, spelling, etc., 20%
” Clarity of writing 20%
” Scientific content 60%