Lobal Warming Solution: Propose Why Using Ethanol (Biofuel) as Gasoline Alternatives Will Help to Save the Environment.

In this essay, you will apply the ideas on evaluation and proposal arguments to evaluate a specific proposal about a way to address global warming. How does the solution work? What are its costs and benefits? How much will it help? What are the most important objects that critics have made to this solution or to solutions like it? In the end, do you recommend moving forward with this plan?

You paper should do the following:
-define the proposed solution,
-evaluate the effectiveness of the solution,
-and argue for or against implementing it.

Additional Requirements:
-Identify the criteria by which you will evaluate the solution (such as financial cost, social costs, reduction in emissions, any side effects).
-Discuss the feasibility of the solution. Convince us that it is or isn t practical and possible.
-Mention and respond to any common objections to the solution.