Lobal Warmingand how it effects he world in a negative way and how it must be stopped.

Im the same guy that ordered the essay on Global Warming. depending on how many essays you have to write i dont know if you remember or not. I need a speech on the same subject again, the speech needs to be 4 to 5minutes, so not very long, but i do need it to be on the same issues that were pointed out in the essay you wrote for me, so if you dont have it i can send it to you in a message.

This is what my teacher requires for the speech, as stated by my teacher.

SPEECH CONTENT: Your goal for this speech is to first give an overview of your topic to your audience and to make them care about your topic enough to consider Getting involvedin whichever manners you outline in your speech.

Include startling statistics in youre issue-eye opening things that will grab the attention of your audience

Sections of your speech can fallow the sections of your paper(that paper you wrote)

You can use first person in your speech

I must provide specific examples of how ordinary people can get involved with my issue, both people who might be embroiled in the issue directly or just people with concern for the issue.

Thats it for the speech, again it only has to be 4 to 5 minutes and about the paper on global warming.


Lobal Warmingand how it effects he world in a negative way and how it must be stopped.

My opinion on the issue of global warming is that i think that its real and that it needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

well to start, with my research paper im going to have to present a 10min speech on this issue, so if its no hassle when the paper is done, could you put a few notes on a paper about what i should say for the speech ) also i will need the work cited for all of the sources at the end of the paper, i will provide the sources of information and if who ever is writing this needs more, please use what ever you think necessary to better the grade.

1. i think i will start listing things like this because Im sure it will be easier to read.

2. When you access the GALE database it should prompt you to input a password, that password is Wall41812if you cant access any of the databases then use what ever kind of research you want.

3. research source 1 titleControls offer climate quick fix: cuts in soot, methane could slow warming temperaturesurl: ps/i.do?idGALE%7CA249326465&v2.1&uwall41812&itr&pGPS&sww

5. source 3 Title: Controls offer climate quick fix: cuts in soot, methane could slow warming temperatures URL: ps/i.do?idGALE%7CA277346941&v2.1&uwall41812&itr&pGPS&sww

7. i dont have a source on it but some of the reasearch will have to be opposing view points

8. Source 5 Title: Disappearing coastlines: the impacts of climate change are already being felt by coastal communities across the worldURL: organizations involved with your issueoverviews of each organization and the work each does.
i) any other subtopics appropriate to my topic.

like i said at the beginning i need to do a 10min presentation so any notes on that would help, if your allowed to do that for me. and again my position on the subject is STOP global warming

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!