Lobalisation and Concept of International Human Resource Management 03194

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1) What is globalisation? AND
2) Will globalisation lead to convergence in human resource management practice?AND
3) What factors might continue to foster diversity in human resource management practice?

Introduction and conclusion are needed.

More details:

Critically explain and contextualise the international applicability of the concept of HRM.

Define and differentiate the characteristic features of international political, economic, social and technological change and analyse the implications for the management of people.

Identify and critically explain conceptual frameworks relating to internationalisation and globalisation and critically examine their consequences for Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development.

Assess in the context of key theories, the social, political, legal, economic and cultural factors involved in managing across national boundaries.

Debate, with evidence, the significance of international organisations and features of their approach to HRM.

Critically evaluate key issues in relation to the global and local management of people for example in the selection, management and repatriation of expatriate staff.

Written in simple and direct language: Complex sentence structures and the use of jargon should be avoided as much as possible.

Before doing this paper, please go through of the required readings. They are very helpful for you for doing this paper.