Lobalisation and International Institutions

1. Watch the Video and Write a Summary!
Video linki?swatch?vFpYcJ4ljVuI

Dear Students,
I have up loaded the video of the speech delivered by Professor Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics, regarding Globalisation and the 21st Century Enlightenment. Please write a 800 to 1000 words summary of this video to revisit what are gloablisation and the key concerns and challenges of globalisation raised by Professor Stiglitz. This is a team project and please submits your printed summary on the 20th November, 2013.
The Principal of the University of Edinburgh, Timothy OShea said in the video that: The University is delighted to welcome Joseph Stiglitz to speak as part of our Enlightenment Lecture Series. He is one of the giants of economics, his contributions across every part of the discipline are recognised the world over. He has already played a major role in shaping events in the worldas recent economic history, and now he is set to shape our future with his ground breaking theories on how globalization needs to work for disenfranchised peoples worldwide. His lecture examining themes of global economics for the new millennium promises to be a fascinating insight into new economic theory”.

2. Reportas structuresi?s
2.1What area does he touch on?
2.2What challenge does globalization faced on?
2.3What direction globalization leads to?
2.4Social consequences
2.5Globalizationas future development
2.6finally, the professor would come up some questions in this video, and what is your opinions about those questions.
2.7write down your own perspectives about globalization
2.8At the end of video, the professor would talk about some issues (like human development, etc), please talk about your perspectives compared with him, and give some proper reasons and viewpoints.