Lobalisation and Mass Media (Media Relations)

This Assesment has two parts: Please answer the questions first before proceeding to the essay part.

Department of Applied Social Sciences
BSc Media Studies
SM3033n Globalisation and The Mass Media

2007/08 Re-Assessment Essay Questions

1. Outline and critically evaluate modernisation and development theories. Include in your answer a discussion of whether the application of these theoretical approaches reduced or increased international inequalities and indebtedness of poorer countries and why.

2. Examine and discuss the reasons why some countries want the WTO to have a framework for global liberalisation of cultural products. Include in your answer a discussion of how such liberalisation might impact any country of your choice.

3. Analyse the reasons for the unequal international flow in any one communications sector (News, Audio Visual). Include in your answer some reflection on the views of a country or region regarding this sector e.g.Why are some countries or regions so concerned about news?

4. Discuss and critically evaluate theories of dependency and cultural imperialism.

5. Outline and critically evaluate theories of globalisation in communications.

6. Private transnational corporations have unequal power and control over communications globally. Critically discuss the implications of this unequal power relationship for democracy and social justice.

7. Analyse and critically discuss South-North (CONTRA FLOW) media flows in any sector. Include in your answer some reflection on the reasons for some countries being more successful in this than others. You could, for example, discuss the audio visual industries of India or Brazil or critically evaluate the development of Weblogs or Al Jazeera.

8. How has globalisation affected the forms of entertainment in contemporary societies? Provide examples from a country of your choice.

9. Critically discuss the impact of the development of the World Wide Web on communications.

10. Outline and discuss how localisation and globalisation fit together. Provide examples from a country or sector of your choice.

11. Globalisation has its discontents. Analyse and discuss how groups of citizens engage with resistance to the process of globalisation.

2007/08 Re-Assessment: Report

Write an analytical report on a communications sector in/of a country of your choice, excluding the United Kingdom, the United States of America or your own country. You can choose to write about any sector such as Broadcasting, Printed Press, Telecommunications, the Internet or the Film Industry. For instance, you may wish to write about the film industry of India or France; the telecommunications industry of Sweden or Albania; the broadcasting industry of Italy or Ghana among others.

There is advice on how you approach this academic task in the Assessment Guidelines at the end of your Module booklet. Please read these two paragraphs. You are also provided with advice on HOW your report can be related to your essay or it can be a free standing and individual piece of work.

Module booklet could be found on uk, under one of the options in the menu. Module code SM3033N