Lobalisation and Small Medium Enterprises

Instructions for the writer:

INB356 Business and Management of SMEs: Assessment Sheet
Assessment Categories re Learning outcomes:

” Identify, through a literature review, contemporary theories, models and empirical research in a selected area of SME development (A19 & 20).

” critically analyse, compare and contrast the findings of the literature search to produce a comprehensive view of the main themes in the specified area (A 21; B12; D26)

” Communicate the findings of the literature review of contemporary sources in the selected area in a style appropriate for an academic paper. (D26 & 27)

This will be the second time I m repeating this course, the first time it resulted in me failing my course because of a paper I ordered here, so I hope it won t happen again, and I really have to impress this guy. I would appreciate if you gave your best for this. It s an independent literature review not part of my dissertation.

I have included questions that he wants answered in the literature review, besides the main body.

1. To what extents are SME s globalized? The impact of globalization on SME s

2. The processes, strategies and forms used by SME are to globalize.
3. What factors precipitate the globalization of SME s
4. What factors impede or sustain international competitiveness by SME s
5. What strategies have SME s adopted to internationalize
6. Recommendations, future trends etc.

Thank you