Lobalisation Fair Trade or Free Trade

1) need to demonstrate a critcal u/standing of global economic trends and the dynamics of global interdependence and interconnectedness
2) explore economic, political, cultural and tech. sources and dimensions of glob.
3) appreciate and critically reflect on the complexity and diversity of global influences & their impact on business, society, and organisation at local level
4) think globally the global challenge
5) I am thinking organic, and food miles, sustainability or is fair trade a myth organisations and token gesture whilst externalising
6) child labour vis education
8) shareholder dividends
9) Tesco fairtrade
10) Gap Sweatshops exploiting children, human rights
11) requires a good analysis at the end!
12) Have attached my plan was going to write on the flower industry using Africa!
13) Have attached the course module.
Thank you
Fair Trade for all Stiglitz & Charlton
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New Rulers of the World Pilger J
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Legrain P 2002 Open World:/the truth about globalisation (Abacus) Ch. 9.
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EFTA european fair trade association