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Essay 2: Writing to Analyze: Cause and Effect

General Directions:

Apply what we learn from AAD and NWR, Articles that have been read that need to be applied to this essay are: Prologue: The Super-Story by Thomas L. Friedman, The Noble Feat of Nike by Johan Norberg, Globalisation by Anthony Giddens

Write a paper focusing on analyzing an issue related to globalization.

The assignment asks you to focus on the causes and effects of globalization. Choose one phenomenon--EXCEPT for the subject on the environment since that is our Essay 3 s focus--that you feel most knowledgeable and compelled to write about.

Assignment Objectives:
” Use readings and academic sources to support your thesis/argument
” Exercise language, style, and tone appropriate for an academic audience
” Learn to be critical of one s own writing; and
” Practice the MLA style for all in-text and bibliographical citations

Topic: Globalization (please pick something and give it a snazzy title)

We have read and discussed many phenomena related to globalization blending/clashing of customs and cultures, human rights issues, labor laws, environmental concerns, economic growth, growing disparity between the rich and the poor, etc. (what we have read is italicized in red above)You now may have realized that your household items are symbolic presentations of globalization. You may have noticed when you called tech-support for your electronic products, the person on the phone may be assisting you from India.

Anthony Giddens calls for an in-depth understanding of the complex process of globalization in all areas:  political, technological and cultural, as well as economic (183). As a college student and  global consumer (Barber), what is your understanding of globalization regarding its history and influence? How does globalization impact your daily experiences, your academic inclinations, and/or career choices? Use the readings from your texts to ground your discussions and analyses, but be sure to cite them properly.

Basic Requirements:
” Length: 1,250 words minimum.
” Format: 12-point standard font (Times New Roman or Ariel Nothing fancy, please); double-spaced; 1 inch margins all sides; MLA format for in-text and bibliographical citations required
” Source Texts: Engage a minimum of two readings from our textbooks and one academic article (at least 8 pages in length) found from Proquest.
” A Works Cited page, which should begin on a new page after the essay, is needed. Be sure to cite the article(s) from Proquest in MLA style so I can locate your source(s) easily on Proquest. Please pay close attention to the correct MLA style for all in-text and bibliographical citations. A full letter grade will be taken off if the correct MLA format is not followed.

Due Dates:
” Week 3, Tuesday, Draft Due for Peer Review
” Week 3, Wednesday, Two peer reviews due
” Week 3, Thursday, Revised Essay due for grade