Lobalisation & International Markets -research question

Globalisation & International Markets Assessment

2. Individual Report (max 2250 words) (80%)
Task: students are required to prepare an individual report which critically analyses a specific issue within the global political economy: its causes, consequences, alternative potential scenarios and policy prescriptions. The analysis must incorporate at least 1 ideological interpretation.
The individual research question should normally be derived from topics covered in lectures (but alternative possibilities could be discussed with seminar tutors) e.g. the role of the nation state, trade, poverty, inequality, development, sustainabilitya¦
An individual proposal a max. 1 page should be brought in to seminar tutors in the w/c 17.3.14 for discussion and submission.

Submission: the final report of maximum length 2250 words must be submitted electronically on Student central (module area) by 10 am 2.5.14

Assessment Criteria
The work will be assessed according to the degree to which it fulfils the following criteria:
1. Demonstration of understanding and application of analytical approaches in the analysis of problems of global political economy.
2. Clarity in approach, presentation and synthesis of findings.
3. The variety and relevance of supportive sources, such as Journal articles all of which should be clearly referenced.