Lobalisation (Microfinance and Economic Development)

Microfinance and Economic Development
Please note that the required text for this assignment is Kelleher and Kleinas Global Perspectives, Chapter 5. You must use this text. If you have any questions, please see me
Part 1. Using Kelleher and Kleinas analysis, answer the following: what is microfinance? What is the Grameen Bank? What are its principles, and what are its values? Remember: the goal for you here is to select information and summarize it in your own words. Value: 7 marks.
Part 2. How would a liberal economic perspective view microfinance? How would that view be different from the perspective of a?dependency theorya?? Value: 7 marks.
Part 3. What perspective does the participatory development model offer on microfinance? What problems would this perspective identify with microfinance? What other types of projects do Kelleher and Klein identify in Chapter 5 that better fit the goals of participatory development? Value: 8 marks.
The remaining 3 marks are for quality of writing and academic formatting. Any quotations, facts or statistics, or definitions taken from Kelleher and Klein must be properly cited. If you have any questions about how to cite resources, consult me and check the Research Resources on Blackboard.