Lobalization ad Diversity and Its Effects on Organizational Behavior

Hello. I am writing a research paper with a group of students. Topics were divided up and these are the areas I need help in:

1. Relationship between globalization and diversity; How has this combination affectsorganizational behavior?

2. How globalization and diversity have changed the worlds way of doing business.

3. The future of globalization and diversity.

This particular research paper assignment allows the freedom to express your own theories and ideas on a subject. In return for this freedom to express however, you must exert the effort and discipline necessary to support your position with the ideas and research of experts in the subject area. For this courses paper, two features are essential: your own ideas, supported by evidence and expertise from the published literature.

– You must reference all ideas that you take from some other source, whether you quoted the source or paraphrased it. Direct quotations require 1) an in-text citation, 2) quotation marks or an Indented blockquotation, and 3) page numbers. Paraphrases in APA style do not require quotation marks, indented blocks, or page numbers, but do require in-text citations.

– Proofread the paper.

The paper must be double spaced, 1 inch margins all sides, Times New Roman 12 pt type font, APA format with 9 references (or more). You may use either Draftor Final Manuscriptstyle options.