Lobalization and Cultural and Language Diversity

Explain the effects of globalization on cultural and language diversity. You should choose three countries in three different continents (including one GCC) and explain how globalization has impacted the cultural and language diversity of that area.

the countries i chose are UAE, US, and Brazil .. ( you can change a country if you have some difficulties )

3 websites, 3 Journals ( 1 can be J stor), 3 magazines/newspaper ..

i have some which are :




please i need a short summary about this links + 1 from the J sort .. about what u mentioned from this website .. so the total will be 5 !! and the rest which are 3 no need for a summary …

please i need you to mention clothing as an example for the UAE that they get affected by the west ..

i already found 2 database links which are the last 2 … and i still have 3 links which i want u to find them for me also a database but from newspaper or magazine …

Thank You