Lobalization and Democratic Policies essay

The essay consists in answering 3 questions on different topics. You have to answer 3 of the questions listed below and write (roughly) 1000 word for each question, for a TOTAL of 3,000. Also at least 4 sourses for each question.

The submission comprises three separate essays (you do NOT need to write a introduction and conclusion for all of them, they are completely separate). You simply put them in one after the other, with the question at the beginning of each of them.

Q1: What is a?political equalitya and what role should it play in the justification of democratic forms of government?
Q2: Are there essential institutions that qualify democratic forms of government?
Q3: Does democracy need a constitution?

Please follow this essay structure to write your essay:

Make your arguments:a? this is likely to involve outlining various perspectives on an issue (what have different political thinkers,
recent and/ or historical, said about the issue under consideration) THEN stating which perspective you find most convincing and WHY, i.e. it fits with the empirical evidence, or its logic is most sound.
When outlining authors perspectives, ensure you reference them to show where you got the ideas.
Dont just DESCRIBE what different political thinkers have argued about certain issues: interpret; criticize/ evaluate; compare; give your own analysis. We want your perspective/ opinion (but your analysis must be grounded in the relevant debates and academic literature). Your opinion should be theoretically informed, empirically substantiated.
Bring in examples to illustrate your points, e.g. from contemporary politics (national or international).
Divide this section into different components, each one covering a different issue or set of issues. Clearly label these sections by signposting to the reader what you are going to address in each section.

Recommand reference:
Beitz, Charles R. Political equality : an essay in democratic theory
Bellamy, R. and Castiglione, D. a?Review Article Constitutionalism and Democracy: The Political Theory of the American Constitutiona, J. of British Political Science, 27 (1997)

If you have any question, feel free to ask me.