Lobalization and Religious faith CAFOD

Write a case-study on your allocated company/charity.

Use of sources. To get an A, you should show me that you have researched your company/charity thoroughly. You should also underpin your analysis and evaluation of the companys/charitys aims and achievements by referring to the course readings and the theoretical frameworks we have discussed in class over the past ten weeks.

Structure of the case-study: To get an A, you should structure your case-study clearly and logically. Ideas and arguments should flow from one point to another. There should be an introductory section and a concluding section.There should be proper paragraphing and your ideas and arguments should be persuasive and credible.

Grammar, spelling, referencing: To get an A, you should reference and acknowledge your sources both within the case-study itself and in the reference list at the end of the case-study. You should reference your sources when you quote from them directly, and also when you mention them in the text. You should acknowledge your sources whenever you use an idea or argument that you have consciously taken from one of the readings/clips/interviews posted on mycourses/those you have found by yourself. To get an A, your spelling and grammar should be almost perfect.

I require this done by 9 pm Friday.

Main source

The case study should be outlining what the company is, their charitable actions, flaws, their campaigns, how they operate and so on.