Lobalization and the effects on developing countries and MNCs

To Whom it May Concern,

The following are the requirements I must meet for my MBA thesis. Please let me know if there is any information I am missing.

Sources: 10-15 approx. (this is flexible)

Citation Style: Harvard or Vancouver system

My Ideas/Abstract: Im interested in a topic that touches on globalization in developing countries by looking at multinational companies (MNCs) role in developing countries and how both MNCs and developing countries/communities can have a mutually beneficial relationship both econimically,politcally etc. Areas to look at could be:
· The role and implications of MNCs in a globalized world

· MNCs impact on sustainable development

· Support programs/mechanisms for developing countries/communities (MNCs giving back to developing countries/communities)

· Look at how globalization has changed the world: the integration of all aspects of life (economically, socially, politically etc.) into one world economy.

I am looking for a simple thesis that doesnt involve complex theories, mathematical formulas, or intensive surveys to prove the thesis statement. I just request a solid researched, to the point paper, using examples etc. to support the point(s).

I hope this makes sense and please contact me if it doesnt and I can explain in more detail. This is important to me so please do not hesitate to contact me (I have been burned in the past with a service similiar to this, so I want to establish/maintain open communication if you do not understand what I am asking for).

Thank you very much and glad to do business.