Lobalization, complexity and sustainability

Globalization, complexity and sustainability

Students will produce a report strategically analysing a strategic event using the structures and tools introduced in the first part of the module. The event is the proposed takeover of jaguar and land rover by TATA.

You can find information on this event in the quality press such as
The times
The Sunday times
The economist
Three recent articles on this event are attached

Students should seek up to date information on the company from a variety of sources. However please do not contact the organization directlyno primary data is needed for this report.

This is a practical exercise and students are required to apply the tools and models in the form of a report of 2500(+/10%) words.

The following structure is suggested:

1.Introduce the basic structure of the organization. Does it have a number of strategic business units? Assess the competitive position of the organization using appropriate models.
2.what are the key external drivers impacting upon the organization?
3.how does the organization add value?
Identify and evaluate future strategic directions for the organization.

Lecturer hints:
As this is live case study you don t have to keep references but these should be in the format of references taken from paper.
These key questions should also be included in the assignment:
Strategic analysis:
1. What is / are the strategic event/s?example take over of jaguar and land rover by tata.
2. What business/es is the organization in?
3. Who do they compete with?
4. Assess the balance in the corporate portfolio
Who are the organization s stake holders?
5. What are the external drivers for change?
5 Forces
6. how does the organization gain value?
--Resources audit
--value chain analysis
7. what options does the organization have?
8. What will it choose(SFA?)