Lobalization ,development and sustainability from education course

I am Tara Pahlevani andI believe the writer which I requested already knows me very well as he/she helped me regarding my previous assignments . I m doing graduate diploma in TESOL teaching english as a second language this term . The topic I m doing is globalization , development and sustainability from master of education. The first assignment is 2000 word annotated bibliography from 10 different readings . Reading are a chapter of book or articles, maximum 20 pages each and most of them are around 15 pages . I have prepared and scanned 5 of reading which I will send soon and the remaining in 2 days . The writer can have 3 weeks to do it . It is very import assignment as it has % 60 of the mark and the remaining will be 2000 words essay which is related to this essay .i will ask for help for this assignment from the same writer as well . So this is very important assignment for me . Tanx a lot