Lobalization: does it lead to greater social and economic inequality?

Your essay MUST contain a thesis argument (also referred to as a thesis statement) relating directly to the topic you have chosen to write on. A topic is not a thesis argument. Your research-based answer to the question you choose to address from the list below should help you develop a thesis argument.

It is strongly recommended you consult G.M. Scott and S.M. Garrison, The Political Science Student Writeras Manual, and/ or the websites recommended below

a? Minimum length: 8 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font. The title page, endnotes, and bibliography are not included in the word count or page length;
a? You must consistently and properly cite (document) all source material using the APSA author-date style. Direct quotes, paraphrased material, and information that is not a?widely knowna? must be cited. See for example Scott, M. Gregory, and Stephen M. Garrison. The Political Science Student Writeras Manual and/or Douglas College Libraryas Guide to Citation Styles style.html
a? You must frequently cite a minimum of 5 academic (scholarly) sources in your research papers. Encarta, Wikipedia and other encyclopedias and dictionaries do not count as academic sources;
a? With the exception of on-line academic journals all web based sources must be cleared with me and you must include the full address, page number(s), and date accessed in your bibliography;
a? The first page of all web-based sources must be printed and attached to the end of the bibliography;
a? Research papers must define all relevant terms;
a? Research papers must present a coherent and well developed argument which includes: i) a clear central thesis statement; ii) a logical organizational structure; iii) a diverse range of supporting evidence; iv) analysis linking the evidence presented to the central thesis statement, and, v) a relevant introduction and conclusion;
a? Research papers must be well written (i.e., complete sentences, appropriate use of paragraphs, proper grammar, and correct spelling), and;
a? All work submitted must be original, and you are bound to Douglas Collegeas Code of Academic Honesty and its procedures for addressing academic dishonesty and misconduct.