Lobalization has generated more problems than benefits for society.

Research subject is clearly identified.
A general overview of the subject/debate is provided.
Thesis is clearly stated.
Major claims are previewed.
Critical exploration of ideas
Subdivided into paragraphs containing major claims
Paragraphs are well developed and remain on the topic.
Major claims supported with sufficient and relevant evidence.
Paragraphs include a summary/analysis of evidence.
Paragraphs organized in logical order.
Effective transitions between paragraphs
Conclusion reiterates thesis and major claims.
Conclusion demonstrates application of information.
Conclusion and ends on a memorable note.
Paper uses Standard English grammar conventions.
(E.G., S-V agreement, antecedent-pronoun agreement, verb tense agreement, spelling)
Paper uses proper punctuation.
(e.g., run-on sentence and comma splices)
Paper uses appropriate tone, word choice, and point of view.
Paper uses proper MLA format (minimum five pages w/o WC page)
Paper used a minimum of five academic research sources (80/20 rule)
In-text citations adhere to proper MLA format.
Works cited page adheres to proper MLA format.
(80% of writing is student /20% writings are quotations