Lobalization: How American economic and political policy affect the world

Need a thesis statement clearly stated in the introduction and then defended and elaborated upon throughout the rest of the essay.
Do not want papers that are exclusively fact-based; instead, take the topic, do some research on it, and then process that information into a paper that attempts to give a thoughtful analysis, pose and/or answer intelligent questions, or otherwise present and address an argument.
Sources: You need at least four written sources that are scholarly in nature.
Journal articles are acceptable as long as they are scholarly in nature and not aa ¬A Democratization for Dummies,aa ¬A? or something like that.
As for newspaper or magazine articlesaa ¬a?they need to be longer than one or two pagesaa ¬a?if it is some short little summation of a news item, it isnaa ¬a ?t acceptable. If it is an investigative article that seriously addresses the topic over several pages, you may use it, but in general The Economist or Newsweek isnaa ¬a ?t going to count as a scholarly source. Online sources are ok, but againaa ¬a?they need to be scholarly in nature, not some guyaa ¬a ?s blog about his Peace Corps experiences in the Sudan.
Neither Encyclopedia.com nor Wikipedia.com count as a scholarly source!
Need a bibliography at the end and also citing any of the information within the paper itself.
REQUIRE that you provide page numbers in your citations, the only exceptions are for (acceptable) online sources without page numbers. Any journal article that is available in print format, even if you access it online, will have page numbers, as will any report issued by an organization. So if you are on page 29 of an article and you want to use an idea or theory the author brings up on that particular page you will cite the article (using the Chicago author-date, in-text style) like so: Smith 2012, 29.