Lobalization of English (Rhetorical Analysis)

One way to understand different perspectives on an issue is to conduct a rhetorical analysis of texts–spoken or written. Rhetorical analysis is a way of analyzing what the text can tell us not only about the subject and argument strategies but also about the interrelationship among the writer, the audience, the genre and arguments as well as the cultural values of the writer and of the knowledge community.

For this writing project, write a rhetorical analysis essay (a kind of critical analysis essay) that examines an argument about English as a global language. Start by identifying a text that presents an argument about global English. The text can be of any genre–including newspaper editorial, opinion sections of newspapers or magazines, blogs, websites, advertisements, signs, posters, and so on. (Keep in mind that analyzing short texts could require more effort in interpreting and explaining the text and its context.)

Once you have identified the text for analysis, explore the text and its context by considering the following questions: What is the writeras purpose in writing the text? What kind of situation is the text responding to? Who is the writer? How does the writer establish his or her credibility? What is the writeras attitude toward the subject? How do you know? Who is the primary audience? Who is the secondary audience? What is the major argument and how is it being built? What are some of the supporting arguments? What other arguments or perspectives are represented? What is the genre and what are some of the characteristic features that are expected? What are the characteristics that are actually found in the text? Is the text effective in communicating the main point to the audience? What can you say about the values and assumptions that are shared by members of the knowledge community?

In addition to analyzing the text itself, you may also find it useful to find out about the medium in which the text was presented. Explore these and other related questions thoroughly to generate ideas for your writing.

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