Lobalization of production & the spread of counterfeit products; A Comparative analysis of the International Law on counterfeit & Piracy.

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Globalization of production & the spread of counterfeit products; A Comparative analysis of the International Law on counterfeit & Piracy.
(South East Asia Vs the world).

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1. The essay must be wwritten in English Uk

2. It must contain Footnotes at the bottom of each page.

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It must disscuss GLOBALIZATION OF PRODUCTION and GLOBALIZATION with opening of frontiers as on of the main causses of the production and distribution of low quality products i.e. made in CHINA, TAIWAN, Malasi e.t.c
Now the essay must focus on revealling almost all the existing International Laws in the fight against counterfeit and piracy.
All Laws in the area should be critically disscussed and why they have not worked.

A look at all the causes and the enabling Laws which had kept them going i.e the laws in the ECONOMIC FREE TRADE ZONES in CHINA and other places.

The HUMAN Right valations due to these counterfeited and pirated products.

After identifying the INTERNATIONAL LAW EFFORTs, you must now do a coparative analysis on the policy failures and successs around the globe.

We should also be albe to identify the counteries thatcare usaing the own laws to safegard the spread of these products from their societry in regard to the INTERNATIONAL LAWS on counterfeit and piracy.

And you must be able to make some recomendations on how best we can fight this international crime with adiquate International Laws.

With the opening of international market and the world ever getting more closer into a  Global Village , the world s demand for products ranging from, food, clothes, toys, drugs and other pharmaceutical products had increased tremendously over the years.
This huge demand by the world market had also seen fierce competition between the world leading markets and the developing markets i.e. made in China Vs made in Germany. In order to survive and increase profit, the global market has in recent years witness an overwhelming numbers of counterfeited and pirated products coming out of mostly the South East Asia special economic zones. The infusion of these items into the global market has brought along serious threat to the world economy, health and safety as well security to the global consumers most of which are also within the developing poor Economies of the world.
In the above, we will be looking very closely at the international Law effort in combating this menace & the  free  wily spread of low quality products.

The Economic effect it has on the original owners of the products.
The Health and safety as well as security implication of counterfeit on the consumer with a closer look on the Human right violations of the special economic zones in which these products are made.
A look all anti  counterfeit and piracy agencies and the activities of all global governance their progresses and shortfalls.
Several instances will be drawn from all over the globe to illustrate the health and safety implication and the danger such products i.e. Fake drugs has had on the human.
Also several international Law efforts to combat this crime will also be drawn into the paper.
We will be looking at international and regional quality Assurance policies i.e. ISO9000 and so on.
The research will attempt to unveil the various reasons as to why this has been difficult to combat and why the consumer appetite is very high for such products.
Finally, I will be making recommendations as how I believe the shortfall of the international Law effort will be best used to fight counterfeiting and products piracy.

As a scholar in the Health and International politic area, my desire for a more serious international legal action in combating counterfeits and piracy can not be understated.
There had been several reports in the media on the various Health and safety related incident that had threatened or even destroyed human life due poor quality products i.e. fake drugs circulating the international market arena without any fear of litigation by the producers of such products.
Such grievous occurrences had propelled my interest in contributing via what ever medium available at my disposal, help fight these obviously accepted ill nature happening in our so called  global  village .
I am also very curious and eager to research this area in order to see if the international law in place to fight counterfeit is adequate or inadequate if late is the case; I will want to put forward any suggestions that may help in the fight against counterfeit and piracy.