Lobalization of the Korean Auto Industry

The research paper will require analyzing Korean auto industryas historical development and indicate the main factors that have promoted Korean auto industryas international competitiveness. The paper has to include relevant economic statistics to document the countryas economic performance in relevant global industries. Lastly, specific recommendations for improving Koreaas competitiveness in the auto industry during the next three to five years should be provided.

I) Introduction
II) Korean Auto Industry Development a their success
III) What are the sources of their global competitiveness
a. As an example, you have to analyze why Korea was so much more successful than the USA in the auto manufacturing industry in the past several decades. What were the main factors that hindered USAas global competiveness in the auto industry?
b. Korean success vs American failure of capturing a market (here you should research about a market (a country) that Korean auto makers were successful entering and capturing market share but USA auto makers were not). You should state, what has helped Korean in capturing the market (building, on from the previous section of Korean global competitiveness)
IV) What are the challenges that Korean auto industry today. what are the specific recommendations for improving their competitiveness?
V) Conclusion

I have also uploaded several research articles about Korean Auto industry, its development. They are very good materials, and you HAVE to use them in writing this paper.

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