Lobalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy

For the book Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy, by Dani Rodrik, write a 3 page report. Give a half page 1 page executive summary of the book. Additionally, address some of the topics/ideas/questions listed below. Self-directed topics and analyses are also encouraged, provided that they are appropriately relevant to the content of Rodriks book

Executive summary of the book (*mandatory)

Discuss the biases involved in Rodrikas views contained in this book

1Discuss the lens/lenses Rodrik applies in writing this book

2Explain the 3 aspects of Rodrikas impossible a?political trilemma of the world economya?

3What are some of the possible negative aspects of globalization discussed by Rodrik?

4Rodrik mentions the a?hyper-globalization agendaa?, discuss the various components of this agenda.

5Does Rodrik discuss solutions to the trilemma? If so, what are possible solutions?

6What does Rodrik say regarding the Asian crisis of 1997?

7What does Rodrik say about the mortgage crisis of 2007?

8What are Rodrikas principles and recommendations for an improved globalization?

9Discuss the a?Washington consensusa? and the benefits reaped by various nations (US, Japan, China, South Korea, Indiaa¦)

10In Rodrikas view, what role does state economic management and regulation play in the global economy?

11Discuss some of Rodrikas examples of countries which are getting globalization right