Lobalization; positive and negative aspects of immigration

Write an essay of between 1,500 and 1,800 words on the following question.
Please note: The purpose of your essay is to:
1) Report on the research you have done
2) If appropriate, raise alternative points of view and considerations ignored or neglected by your sources
3) Articulate and defend your personal perspectives on these issues
The central skills you will be developing in this assignment are:
a? Critical Thinking and Analytical Reasoning
a? The Ability to Articulate and Defend Your Perspective In Writing.

Question 1

During the course, the positive and negative aspects of immigration have been presented, this question requires you to engage with those aspects. In order to respond to this question write an argumentative essay following points A, B and C:

A) Develop and describe the main argument supporting immigration, its benefits, and its main justifications.
B) Present the pivotal criticisms against immigration
C) In the clip shown in class, Douglas Murray refutes the most common arguments for immigration in Great Britain. Please comment on these arguments from your own perspective and explain your stance.