Lobalization, Struggle, and Empowerment in the African Diaspora

Final Assignment

Africana Studies

A306: Globalization, Struggle, and Empowerment in the African Diaspora.

1. When quoting something or paraphrasing you should cite it using the short form (Clarke and Thomas, 2006, p. 63), you must also place quotation marks around material that others have written.

2. In writing your paper, you should not assume any knowledge on the part of the reader nor should you expect him or her to know what you really mean or to read between the lines.

3.You must use the Clarke and Thomas texts that weve used in the class to answer the final assignment, I will not accept any returned response that is based on texts not used in the class.

How has a?Black Othernessa? influenced the experiences of the African Diaspora according to the readings in Clarke and Thomasas text.