Lobalization, Survival, and Empowerment in the African Diaspora

We have our mid-term question and I wanted to offer my assistance to anyone who may be stuck on the question. In explaining how racial capitalization and colonization shaped diasporic culture, please keep in mind the Social, Political and Economic ramifications of colonization and capitalization.

For instance, economic colonization ultimately created a Serviceindustry, for which many people of color still exist. Instead of being able to strive for a career as an attorney or doctor, many people of color had to be satisfied with working as cooks, maids and servants.

Social ramifications of colonization could include some of the religious traditions that we see today OR overall idealogies regarding people of color being Lazyor Intellectually inferior”.

And finally, political ramifications could include the fact that early diasporic cultures were excluded from voting, and so today you still find a large amount of minorities who do not vote, nor believe in the political system.

Then answer, How did this transform Western Culture? Western culture inlcudes Western Europe and North America, FYI… I hope these examples help as you form the basis(s) of you paper.

Explain how racial capitalism, and colonialism shaped African Diasporic culture(s) while transforming Western culture itself? (Note: African Diasporic Culture does not only reference the American experience.)