Lobalization theories and the impacts of it on the economy and security of developed and developing nations

MUST use references provided! But can include 2-3 additional sources if they can be collected via internet. In Turabian reference format double spaced Times new roman 12 font.

Question 1: Using the theories of globalization studied (in references), analyze the impacts of globalization on individuals, states, and systems.

Question 2: Considering the impact of globalization on various political, economic and security systems, evaluate whether globalization is generally a positive or negative phenomenon. (approach from a positive phenomenon) a provide concrete examples data and theoretical perspectives. Comments should be on economic impact on persons and countries and on the way security in the international system is affected. Also, include how domestic political support for it can be built/maintained in countries and what factors are relevant to this effort?

References that must be used will be attached after payment.