Lobalization. What is globalization. What are the political,social,ecological,and economical effects of globalization.

Writing Your Research Paper

1. Decide on your Topic

a. Find a subject that interests you-then focus on a specific question you
want to answer about it.

b. Your subject should be turned into a question that you plan on answering
for your audience

c. Dont be too broad, fixed viewed, or brief. Pick a topic that you can
thoroughly explore. Try to avoid exhausted or objective topics.

2. Start your Research

a. For a six to eight page paper, you need a minimum of six sources.

b. Use both hard copy and electronic sources

c. Possible Research Sources:

i. Internet: Usenet, listservs, search engines

ii. Reference works: encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks,
directories, bibliographies.

iii. Books

iv. Newspapers

v. Periodicals

vi. Informative interviews

vii. Surveys

viii. Public records and publications

ix. Personal observation

3. Evaluate your Findings

a. Keep track of all your research to give credit later

b. Decide on the relevance of each source

c. Make sure each source is credible

d. Make sure the source is current.

4. Start your Paper

a. Introduction: Introduce your topic and thesis statement

b. Body: Will answer the question you posed about your subject. Make sure
to have clear topic sentences and transitions.

c. Conclusion: Remind audience of your subject and how you proved your

5. Document your Sources in your paper and Works Cited page.

a. Modern Language Association (MLA): Used for the humanities